Privacy Statement Expat Housing

Expat Housing very much respects privacy and that’s why Expat Housing takes extensive measures to ensure your privacy to protection against all forms of misuse. Expat Housing guarantees everybody that all gathered data will be kept strictly confident and will be edited confidential and will not be lent, rented or sold to any third party, nor be made available to the public.
This privacy statement has been produced by Expat Housing, for the processing of personal data and explains how Expat Housing and its staff treat personal data, for what it is used and for what purpose. In addition to the provisions of this Privacy Statement, the provisions of the Wet bescherming persoonsgegevens (WBP), are leading in our daily work.

1. The definitions
In this Privacy Statement, the following definitions shall apply:
1.1 Personal data: each entry that is related to an identified or identifiable natural person.
1.2 Processing of personal data: any act with the aim to collect personal data, capture, organize, store, retrieve, modify, edit, view, use, provision by means of transmission, distribution or any other form of posting, bring together, correlate, screen, or undermine, or destruct data.
1.3 Person: Identified or identifiable natural person on which personal data relates.
1.4 Consent of the person involved: any freely given specific and informed consent with which the person involved accepts that personal data relating to him or her can be processed

2. Processing of personal data
This Regulation shall apply to the whole or part of the automatic processing of personal data as well as on the non automated processing of personal data.
2.1 Categories of persons concerned: Expat Housing processes in the context of its business only personal data of the following parties:
1. Clients;
2. Natural persons that Expat Housing wishes to approach in order to enter into a legal relationship.
3. Natural persons that Expat Housing wants to approach in any way (e.g. by phone or Internet).

3. The purpose of processing
Any processing of personal data by Expat Housing is aimed at an optimal service to existing and potential clients of Expat Housing, with the aim of:
1. The assessment and acceptance of (potential) customers and agreements;
2. The execution of agreements with clients;
3. The analysis of personal data for the purpose of increasing the client database, the improvement of the product en services portfolio and the service to better respond to the personal situation of the client.
4. Run (targeted) marketing activities with the aim of getting a relationship (for example, by approaching potential clients) and/or maintaining or extending a relationship with a client;
5. The promotion of efficient and effective business processes.

4. Grounds for processing
In addition to the requirements as set out in article 6, personal data may only be processed on one (or more) of the following grounds:

1. The person involved has been granted permission for the processing;
2. The data processing is necessary for the performance of a contract of party involved, or for taking pre-contractual measures in response to a request from the person involved and which are necessary for closing the agreement.
3. The processing of data is necessary for the safeguard of the vital interests of the person involved, or the data processing is necessary for the representation of the legitimate interest of Expat Housing or of a third party to whom the information is disclosed, unless the importance or the fundamental rights and freedoms of the person involved, in particular the right to protection privacy, shall prevail. Balancing these interests Expat Housing takes the context into account in any case in which the person involved has provided information to Expat Housing and the information that has been provided on the planned processing to the person involved.

5. Retention period
Expat Housing keeps personal data in a form which permits identification of the person involved, no longer than necessary for achieving the purposes for which they are being collected or furthermore are being processed.

6. Accountability

6.1 Expat Housing informs the person concerned about its identity and the purposes of the processing of personal data of the person concerned, unless he or she already knows about it. This information obligation shall be met before personal data are directly being obtained from the person involved.
6.2 If a person approaches Expat Housing through a Web site, then Expat Housing can collect and process personal data of this person concerned. Expat Housing makes information available by means of a privacy statement on the website about the purpose and the use of the personal data, retrieved via the Internet.
6.3 Expat Housing points, in accordance with article 13, to the person concerned in market processing activities on the right to oppose the processing of data for this purpose.

7. Security obligation responsible person
Expat Housing shall take appropriate technical and organisational measures to protect personal data against loss or against any form of unlawful processing.

8. Access and confidentiality
Expat Housing only authorizes staff to gain access to personal information if and to the extent that this is necessary for the performance of their task and fits within the framework of the activities referred to in article 4.

9. Processing of personal data in [to pay] commands
Expat Housing can pass in the framework of payment transactions or from other entities included personal data in the [payment] command through to the other party of the client that issued the command.

10. Processing of personal data in the context of marketing strategy
10.1 Marketing strategy can take place in command of and in name of Expat Housing on the basis of personal data, provided by the person involved as well as on the basis of personal data.
10.2 Expat Housing always follows in marketing strategy activities the procedure of article 13 of this regulation.

11. Rights of data subjects and communications on captured personal data
11.1 Request for communication of processing. A person shall have the right to turn to Expat Housing with the request to inform him whether personal data relating to him or her are being processed. The person involved can direct his request to Expat Housing if he suspects that they are processing personal data. Expat Housing shall ensure that the request is properly handled.
11.2 Determining identity. Expat Housing only deals with the request after they have been able to establish the identity of the visitor.

12. Fixed-term and content communication
Expat Housing informs the person involved in writing not later than four weeks whether personal data referring to him are being processed. If data of the person involved are being processed, the communication contains a complete list of the personal data processed in comprehensible form. The communication also includes a description of the purpose or purposes of the processing, the categories of the processed data and the recipients or categories of recipients, as well as the available information on the origin of the personal data.

13. Improvement, addition, removal or blocking of personal set data
13.1 Request for improvement, addition, deletion or blocking. The person involved can request Expat Housing in writing to improve, supplement, delete or screen the persisted data if they are factually inaccurate, if they are incomplete or not relevant for the purpose or the purposes of the processing operation or if they are being processed in breach of a legal requirement. The request contains the amendments to be made. Expat Housing shall ensure that the request is properly handled.
13.2 Decision period and the implementation of the decision. Expat Housing informs in writing, the person involved her decision within four weeks after receipt of the request for improvement, removal or blocking. Expat Housing performs a decision for the improvement, supplement or blocking of personal data as soon as possible.
13.3 Term for deletion. Expat Housing remove the personal data as soon as possible after a request thereto from the person involved.

14. Opposition to processing for commercial purposes
If data of the person concerned will be processed for commercial purposes, the person involved could possibly oppose that with Expat Housing at all times, free of charge. Expat Housing shall ensure that, if a direct message is sent to person involved, there will always be a reference to the possibility to protest against it. If the person concerned is making use of his right of protest, Expat Housing will take steps to terminate this type of processing immediately.

15. Complaints procedure
15.1 General complaints and deadline for reply. If it is someone’s opinion that the legal provisions for the protection of his personal privacy or the stipulations of this Regulation in respect of him are not complied with, he can then lodge a complaint addressed to Expat Housing. Expat Housing only deals with the request after they have been able to establish the identity of the visitor. Expat Housing will answer within four weeks of receipt of the complaint in writing.
15.2 Objection possibilities after submitting a general complaint. If Expat Housing has decided to reject a request for communication or to a request for enhancement, addition, deletion or blocking the person concerned may make a written appeal to the Court to with the request to order Expat Housing to still act in accordance with the request, or to comply with the resistance. The person involved has to appeal within a period of six weeks after receipt of the answer of Expat Housing or, if Expat Housing hasn’t answered within in the set term, within six weeks after that term. This doesn’t affect the possibility for the person involved to turn to the College protection of personal data with the request to mediate or to advise in his dispute with Expat Housing. This is the same term as for the written appeal to the courts.

16. Verification of compliance
The monitoring of compliance with the provisions of this Regulation shall be carried out by Expat Housing.

17. Maturity
This Regulation is effective for an indefinite period of time unabated possible legal stipulations.