About Us

behind the scenes

The Expat Housing team.

We are all Amsterdam based and have a special bond with the city and its beautiful architecture, properties and atmosphere. Therefore, as realtors, we are very passionate about going that extra mile to guide you through the housing market.

Whether you’re an expat or Dutch resident looking for an apartment or an apartment owner looking for a suitable tenant, we will gladly help you out.

Large International Network

We have an international network of partners and external websites, such as Pararius. Besides our personal services, we differentiate ourselves by the visual presentation of our offered properties. As an expat you will have different wishes than being a property owner.

Every situation requires a different type of rental approach. All situations require and desire the right knowledge tools to get you to where you want to be.

Rent a house from us!

With Expat Housing you always find the right home in Amsterdam!

If we don’t find perfect match right away, we will organize a housing search.

Rent out a house via us!

Through the years we have built up a network with international companies and expats.

With our experience we can easily find the right candidate for your home.

Corporate Housing

Are you an international company looking for housing for your employees?

Property Management

When you outsource the management of your house, we are the point of contact for your tenant in case of any defects or issues regarding rental pay or anything to do with the property within the rental period. 

Your Dream. Our Mission.

We Believe In Hard Work And Dedication

We take that extra step to show you the way on the housing market and to help you find a suitable tenant as soon as possible. We do this through our extensive international network, partners and external websites, such as Pararius and Funda. In addition to our network and personal service, we distinguish ourselves by attaching great value to the visual presentation of our properties.

The Faces Behind our Success

Our team consists of motivated women who enjoy going to work every day.
Our estate agents ensure that the landlords are linked to reliable tenants on a daily basis.

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