The best places to shop in Amsterdam

Once you’ve settled in Amsterdam, there aren’t a lot of reasons to leave this city. As I wrote in my previous blog, this city offers a great culinary landscape and the obvious states it’s downright gorgeous to walk around ...

Where to eat in Amsterdam?

Moving to a new city can be quite overwhelming. A new language, new people and a totally different culture can make you feel like you have no idea how to start exploring your new town or city. I personally think that checking out restaurant...

4 ways to make living abroad easier

Your dream finally came true, you found a new job and have to move to a great country for it. But beware, things will not always run smooth while living abroad. You will have ups and down, not only the first months but also on a longer term...

How to move into your new Amsterdam house as quickly as possible?

Lucky you, you have found an apartment in Amsterdam but now you have to get all your stuff there. You might only have a suitcase or you might have your own furniture with you. As Amsterdam is super busy we like to give you some moving tips ...

How to make a furnished apartment feel like home?

As an expat you probably live in a furnished rental apartment. This is all very convenient because you don’t need to ship over furniture or buy new furniture. The downside is that a furnished apartment will feel less like home. Don&rs...

7 free things to do in Amsterdam

What to do when you have a day of in Amsterdam? There are a lot of tours, museums and restaurants but there are also things to do in Amsterdam for free! This is our top 7 of free things to do in Amsterdam.1. BegijnhofBegijnhof is a court in...

Renting out my house: what to consider?

Thinking of renting out your house? It is very attractive to rent out your home, but it also demands some effort. That is why we have created a list of things to check. This is how you can prepare: 1. Housing scoreThe housing scor...

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