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Rental Carefree

There is a lot to consider when renting out a property! We can take the entire process off your hands and ensure, with our knowledge and experience, that no important matters are overlooked.

With Rental Carefree you chose an all-in package, including renting out your property, adminstrative and financial management, and technical management:

Renting out your property:

-We advise on rental options and associated contracts.

-We portray the house as beautifully as possible, promote the property online and organize viewings.

We screen potential tenants, including their payment and rental history.

-We take care of the check-in of the tenant(s) in the property, and  are also responsible for the check-out at the end of the rental period.

Administrative and financial management:

-Collecting the monthly rent, including any reminders and notices of default in case of overdue payments. This includes engaging a collection agency, bailiff or law firm (after consultation with you) if necessary. 

-Calculating the annual rent indexation/increase, and communicating this to the tenant by means of a written notification.

-Keeping records of the home and tenant and all communication that takes place between the parties involved and periodically providing a clear overview of income and expenditure and any other relevant developments.

Technical management:

-We are the point of contact for the tenant in the event of technical malfunctions or problems. These will be resolved and followed up on by us as soon as possible.

-After a tenant leaves, the property will be inspected. Any cost of damage will be recovered from the departing tenant.

-Every three years we draw up a maintenance report, in which we indicate the maintenance required or recommended for the period to come.

-We carry out inspections during the rental period to prevent unexpected problems or surprises as much as possible.

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