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Rental Basis

Renting out your home often involves more than you initially thought. In addition to finding suitable tenants, there is also a lot to do in terms of promotion on social media, screenings of candidates and professional photos of the house. We are happy to take this off your hands. With the Rental Basis package, we would like to relieve you of your worries by carrying out the following work:

In addition to the Rental Basis, we at Expat Housing can also take over the administrative and financial management. In the combination of administrative and financial management, the real estate agent is mainly concerned with collecting, maintaining and archiving data of the tenant. Also all data of the house is kept up to date. In addition, the real estate agent will take care of the communication between all parties involved. With Rental Plus you will also be completely relieved when it comes to reminders and notices of default regarding overdue amounts.

There are plenty of annoying jobs that take a lot of time and that just need to be done when you don’t have the time yourself. Think of an extractor that breaks down, the internet that doesn’t work anymore or a tap that doesn’t provide hot water. All of this falls under technical management, which you don’t have to worry about when you let us take care of it. All these technical faults or defects will be solved by us for you without any problems and when necessary the maintenance tasks will be carried out. With Renting Carefree we not only take the administrative and financial management out of your hands, but you no longer have to look after the technical management of your apartment. In addition to all the benefits that you also get with Rental Plus , we perform the following extra activities at Rental Carefree :

– We ensure that the highest rental income is achieved through extensive advice on the finishing and completion level of your home

– As soon as the house changes tenants, the house will be inspected and any damage will be immediately recovered from the departing tenant

-We are the point of contact for the tenant, which means that you as landlord will not be bothered by any questions or complaints from the tenant

-Special events that (could) cause damage to the property will be reported to you within 24 hours with appropriate advice on the development of the property. Special events include fire, explosion, burglary, storm and water nuisance

-Maintenance assignments are given on behalf of the landlord. Urgent and minor maintenance issues (usually up to €250,-) will be dealt with immediately. Larger maintenance is always done in consultation with the landlord, where you will be asked for permission

-All work will be checked by us

-Every three years we draw up a maintenance report, indicating which maintenance is necessary or recommended for the coming period

-In between we will carry out inspections to prevent unexpected problems or surprises as much as possible.