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How do I rent out my property to expats in Amsterdam?

Do you have a house, apartment or studio that you want to rent out temporarily or permanently to an expat? Renting out your property is a process. And every step within it has its own critical points of attention, which will be described in the below. Of course Expat Housing can support you in this entire process. Our rental employees take the work off your hands and at the same time ensure that all matters are (legally) handled correctly. It will make sure you will not be faced with unwanted surprises later on.

For how much can I rent out my property in Amsterdam?

This is by far the most frequently asked question we receive at Expat Housing. Of course it is also a very logical question. Unfortunately, it is generally not easy to answer this question straight away. The rental price of a property depends largely on its location and size, but of course also on what is happening on the housing market. Other important factors are; the condition of the property, the state of the kitchen and bathroom, the size and location of outdoor space (if any) and the number of bedrooms. The degree of insulation and sustainability of the house or apartment are also becoming increasingly important in determining a market-based rental price. In addition, it is always important whether the house is offered upholstered or furnished.

Because there are so many factors involved, we can only give an indication of the possible rental price after we have personally visited the property for an intake interview. This visit is completely without obligation and there are no costs involved.

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Types of contracts for renting out your property

At Expat Housing we use various rental contracts. Which of these contracts is most suitable depends strongly on the situation. Do you want to rent out the house permanently to an expat and do you not need the house or apartment for your own use in the future? Or do you have a defined period that you do not use your property in Amsterdam and do you want to use your house or apartment yourself afterwards? It is also possible that you want to keep the option of use of your property in the future, but are not yet sure if and when this will be. Contracts with the right combination of security and flexibility exist for each of these situations. At the same time, there are new laws regarding rental contracts that will come into effect later this year. We can inform you about the latest during the intake interview. Together we choose the type of contract that best suits your rental situation. Do you want to know more about rental contract? You will find this in our blog ‘What is the best rental contract for my property?’.

Offering your home for rent in Amsterdam

When finding a suitable tenant for your property, the manner of presenting your house or apartment is of great importance. We provide professional photos and an attractive presentation of the property, both verbally and in writing. The property is then offered through our own online channels, as well as through our network and partners. Our most important partner is Pararius, the largest rental platform for properties in Amsterdam (and the Netherlands).

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To which expat do I rent my home?

Selecting and screening potential tenants is a very important step to which we pay a lot of attention. The desired profile of a tenant is one of the subjects that is discussed during the intake interview. Maybe you prefer a single or a couple? Who knows, you might be ok with renting out the house to two (working) professionals who share the house? Would you prefer to rent to an expat or is a Dutch resident also an option for you? Whether or not pets are allowed is also an aspect that we take into account in this phase. We have a broad network including, for example, a large number of relocators. They help expats find a home and are often a good source of candidates that match the high-quality properties that we have on offer.

How to select the right tenant?

Showing your property to potential tenants

We schedule a viewing of the property with carefully selected candidates. If possible we try to organize a combined viewing.  For example, we schedule a viewing of one hour and show your house or apartment to several candidates during that time. If there is a current tenant in the property, the viewing will of course be coordinated with this resident. An assessment of the suitability of interested parties will of course also take place during the viewing. We try to speak with all candidates in person in order to get an even better impression of a potential tenant.

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Selecting the right (expat) tenant for your property

In many cases, after the first viewing, several people are interested in renting a property. We take care of collecting the necessary documents and contracts from candidates. We also conduct a background check and assess the creditworthiness and financial stability of possible tenants. We will advise you about the candidates, but of course in the end you are the one to make the final decision to whom you would like to rent out your property.

Start of the rental of your Amsterdam property

Has all the paperwork been completed and has a start date been agreed for the rental? We ensure that the deposit and the payment of the first rental period are paid before we hand over the key of your property. In addition, we do a thorough check-in with the tenant. The state and condition of the property is clearly documented (in writing and in images). This is recorded in a document that is signed by both the tenant and the landlord. The moment the tenant leaves the property, this document is leading. The check-out process is also carried out by Expat Housing. If at the check-out it appears that there is damage to the house, this can be deducted from the deposit. In all cases, we will provide advice on the deposit handling.

What about property management?

If you rent out your home, the rental contract will also include who is responsible for the management of the property during the rental period. A distinction is made between financial, administrative and technical management. Expat Housing also offers services for the management of your house, apartment or studio. We distinguish various property management packages.

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Renting out my property in Amsterdam; what else should I take into account?

In addition to the rental process, there are various rules and regulations that you must take into account if you want to rent out your home in Amsterdam (to an expat). For example, there are laws and regulations that relate to the protection of tenants, rental prices and rent increases. In addition, there are requirements that exist for all properties, like the presence of smoke detectors and an energy label. You can read more about all these matters in the blog ‘Rules and regulations for renting out your home to expats’.

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