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How do I rent out my property to expats in Amsterdam?

Maybe you’ve got an apartment, studio, penthouse or residence which you would like to (permanently) rent out to an expat? Do you want to know what you need to take care of and what you should take into account? This blog series will give you insights of everything you need to keep in mind when you’re renting out a place in Amsterdam. This week we will talk about the entire process of renting out. Our ‘rental ladies’ take care of the entire process of renting out your property. From intake to finding potential renters and from professional photo’s to promotion of your residence; they make sure everything is taken care of.

From start to finish

First things first, there will be an intake interview. This interview is free of charge and with no obligations whatsoever. We discuss all available rental possibilities and we will make an appropriate choice for your residence. Now, it’s time for professional pictures of the residence. This pictures will be shown on our website and social media accounts, where the promotion starts. Partner websites Funda and Pararius will promote your property as well; we will reach a lot of possible renters this way. Selecting and screening of potential renters is an important step, which has our full attention. The suitable candidates will be carefully selected and only they will be invited to view your property. We assist with negotiation, check-ins and check-outs and drawing up the required documents and contracts. The financial transaction will be done through us as well, to make sure of an honest and smooth process. And you can rent our your property with confidence.

What do I have to take into account?

The maximum rental price of social rent will be calculated using a point system. This system represents the quality of your residence. Your property will achieve points for his size, facilities in the kitchen and energy performance. Do you want to know how many points a residence deserves or what could be the maximum rental price of a property? You can make a realistic estimate by using the rental price check. It would be wise as well to check if there is any rent clause in your mortgage deed. If this is the case, the bank is able to oppose the lease. It is highly recommended to keep in touch with your bank and discuss your rental plans. Perhaps, as a owner, you can count on leniency. Forget about leniency when your rental plans conflict with the rental clause and you still decide to proceed with the rental. In the unlikely event of a payment arrears, there is a chance that the homeowner will lose his property. The homeowner must pay a residual debt to the bank and, to top it all, must pay damages to the tenant. Something to think about!

Duration of the rental

Since 2014, the municipality no longer grants new permits for ‘short stay’. This means every residence must be rented out for at least 6 months. The permits granted before 2014 have a durability of 10 years. They do have to take into accounts certain terms and requirements, which you can check with your own municipality.

Energy performance label

Landlords are obligated to provide a copy of the energy label when renting to a new tenant. This energy performance label will give immediate insight about the energy efficiency of the residence. Saving energy and lowering the energy rating can be done in some easy ways. Good isolation, modern heating and ventilation can make a lot of difference. This isn’t only good for your wallet, but for the environment as well.

Rental options

Indefinite-term lease contracts are the standard in the Netherlands. Under certain circumstances and in a limited number of cases a property can be rented out temporarily. The rental rights for living space is complicated. That’s why its recommended to ask for expert legal advice. Every situation is different, so there are a couple different types of contracts, we are more than happy to give you advice about this. Read all about the types of contracts and what you need to take into account per contract, here. To prevent unexpected disappointments, obstructions or setbacks it is important to be updated on tax consequences of renting out a property. Think about taxes and additional costs that may be associated with this.

I want more!

Do you still have any questions, ideas or do you need a little bit more information about this subject? Send an email to info@expathousing.com and we will reach out to you as soon as possible!

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