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This is how I prepare my balcony for the summer

The sun is slowly starting to shine longer and longer and of course we want to make good use of that. Now that all festivals have been cancelled, restaurants are closed and you prefer to avoid public spaces, we have to enjoy the sun via our balcony of two square meters. Decorating your balcony in a few steps? That’s how you do it.

First of all, start by cleaning your balcony. Take everything off your balcony and give it a thorough soak. Throw away the things you don’t use anymore and make sure to clean your entire balcony with a bucket of hot water. To avoid double work, it is best to work from top to bottom and scrub the floor of your balcony last. Get rid of all cobwebs, pigeon droppings and dried leaves and twigs.

Take a look at the thrift shop

Do you own any balcony furniture? Then try putting them somewhere else on your balcony. This will immediately give the space a new look. Still ready for something new? Check if you can breathe new life into your furniture yourself. A lick of paint, for example, can do wonders. Don’t feel like it yourself? Then take your furniture to the local thrift store and who knows, maybe someone else can use your furniture. Check straight away if the thrift store has any nice items you can use to freshen up your own balcony.

Plants and flowers make all the difference

To make a house a home, you need warmth and coziness. With lighting, accessories and plants you often come a long way. This is also how it works on your balcony. On a small balcony you often have no room for a large arsenal of flowers and plants. You can solve this problem by gardening vertically. If you work in height, you can turn the smallest spaces into an attractive and green place. This does not have to be expensive at all. For example, use a mesh rack. You can hang it up anywhere or put it against the wall. This mesh can then be hung up with some iron wire with nice plants.

Balcony bar

To save space on your balcony you can use a foldable side table with chairs. But there is another way to save space. A table that takes up hardly any space on your balcony sounds ideal and is easier than you think. The ‘balcony bar’ is attached to the railing of your balcony, so you don’t have to consider table legs. Finally, no more whining about falling drinks that you have to put on the floor or too little space on your balcony. Besides that, it also looks very cozy. With some high stools you can sit at your balcony bar and when your friends are over, you can use it as a standing table. This way you can make effective use of the space you have.

In this period of self-isolation, it is important to make the best of it yourself. Do you have any more tips to freshen up your balcony and make the most of it this summer? Then let us know and we will be happy to share it with our followers. Good luck & stay safe!

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