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Roadmap renting a house

1. Looking for a house
2. Housing tour
3. Setting up a proposal
4. Thorough inspection
5. Sign rental agreement

When you don’t find a house in our property listing. We can search within the market to find a house for you. In the roadmap below we will explain how our rental agent will assist you during your home search.

Step 1: Intake with rental agent

In an informal meeting we will discuss your wishes and requirements. With this information we start the housing search to find a house that meets your criteria.

Step 2: Housing search

Together we go through different properties and organise viewings. This way you get the chance to make the right decision.

Step 3: Negotiation with landlord

When you find the right home, the rental agent will present you a proposal from the landlord. From that moment on the negotiation starts and of course we will help you during this process.

Step 4: Inspection

Our rental agent will thoroughly check the house and take pictures.

Step 5: Check and sign the rental contract

Then we will make sure all the documents are prepared including the rental agreement. The rental agent will go through all the details with you before you sign the rental contract. With our experience and expertise we can help you to find a house where you feel at home.

Viewing a house

We work on a no cure no pay basis. This means: we don't charge you a fee for viewing a property. On the moment you wish to rent we ask you to hand in background records. We will screen these and present them to the landlord. On the moment we start the administrative process we only charge you an one-time only administration fee of € 350,- excluding 21% taxes.

Housing tour

Would you like to view multiple properties? We can organise a housing tour. You will be invited at our office to go over your wishes and specific requirements. With this criteria in mind we will plan a housing tour with one of our rental agents. The costs of the housing search and tour is an one-time only fee of € 350,- excluding 21 % VAT

Housing market Amsterdam

Finding the right house in Amsterdam is not an easy task. Apartments are expensive or just not available. With our experience and expertise in the local housing market we can help you in finding a new home.

Make an appointment with our rental agent in Amsterdam

To make an appointment with one of our agents call: 020-6622366 or send an email to


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