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Preparing my house for the professional photo shoot

In order to increase the chances of renting out your property, it is important to pay attention to the visual presentation of the property. The online pictures are often the first acquaintance of potential tenants with the property. With attractive photos, prospective tenants will be more likely to make an appointment to visit the property. In the sequel of this blog series, we will discuss the visual presentation of your property and how best to prepare the property for taking the photos.

What should my property look like?

The first and most obvious advice is to make sure your home is clean and tidy. Also make sure it looks tidy. This may seem the same, but fewer coats on the coat rack or towels in the bathroom cabinet can make a big difference to make the first impression as good as possible. Also remove dishcloths in the kitchen and replace the garbage bag in the kitchen, bathroom and toilet.

It is also advisable to clean the windows, vacuum, dust, mop and get rid of all the spider rags.

The photos of the house are always taken in sufficient daylight. Spaces look larger, clearer and neater when photographed in good daylight. To increase this effect, you can open the curtains and remove see through curtains. Despite the open window coverings, it is possible that not every room receives the same amount of daylight. Make sure that there is lighting here. If you have a working fireplace, it can add a lot of warmth to the room when it’s turned on.

Not all tenants are looking for a house where pets are also present. Take your pets away when the pictures are taken and when interested parties come to take a look. Do not forget to also take away accessories such as baskets, food, mangers, toys, etc.

Can I leave personal belongings in my home?

It is advisable to remove personal belongings such as pictures from the house. Personal belongings also include urns, religious objects and hobby items. When people come to see houses, they would like to see themselves living here. When the house is overloaded with personal items, it can feel as if they are visiting or that they are intruding into the life of the current occupant. To avoid this, it is best to minimize the number of personal items. It is also best to store valuables or privacy-sensitive items.

The front view of my property

Not only the inside of the house is important, the outside and the front view are just as important for an optimal visual presentation of the house. It is advisable to check everything a day before the photographer arrives. Make sure, for example, that there are no bicycles, garbage cans or bags in front of the house or against the facade. In addition, it is always a good idea to sweep the pavement and the threshold, so that it is neat and tidy again. If there is a garden, we recommend pruning the plants, removing weeds and mowing the grass. Make sure the garden is tidy and create a space where the next tenant can sit comfortably.

I want more!

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