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How to decorate your apartment on a low budget

Decorating or furnishing your apartment is a good way to make your house feel like your home. But, how much money do you really want to spent on this? Chances are, you have to leave your apartment on a certain point and you are not sure if you can bring all your furniture and stuff to your next apartment. In the sequel of this blog series we will discuss various tips on how to decorate your new home cheaply.

Furnished, unfurnished or a bare house?
Most expats from abroad choose a furnished home. Here you only need to bring a toothbrush and some clothes, the rest is already there. However, it is not always obvious that the house will be rented furnished. Often it is easier to get an unfurnished house if you have a pet for example. Not all house owners are happy with animals in the house and with an unfurnished apartment the owner runs less risk of damage.

The rent of an unfurnished house is usually lower than that of a furnished one, but keep in mind that you spend more money on the purchase of furniture, bed linen, towels, crockery, kitchen utensils and everything else to make a house livable.

Choosing a bare house means that the house is both unfurnished and unfurnished. Here is not even a floor covering, there are no curtains and the walls are not yet covered with paint or wallpaper. This form of renting is virtually non-existent.

Go for durable
By buying items from Marktplaats, flea markets or thrift stores you breathe new life into the second hand items. These items are often not so trend-sensitive so you can enjoy them for a longer period of time. On Marktplaats you can for example set an alert for specific items you’re looking for regarding your apartment. This way you make sure you’re always the first to know about it and increase the chance of a successful purchase. Sell your closet, couch, table or chairs again when you’re out and about. This way you’ll not only keep a nice little pocket money, but you’ll also make someone else happy with these items.

Instead of buying ‘new’ second hand items, you can also choose to make existing items slightly different. If you have a bathroom cabinet from IKEA, you can easily set up another bowl to completely change the look of the furniture. Or give that old closet a fresh lick of paint, making the ‘look & feel’ fresher than ever. This way, you won’t need to spent a lot of money and still have something unique or new in the house.

Turn your house into a home
To really make you feel at home in your new apartment, it can help to bring your own personal belongings. Put pictures of your loved ones and buy some plants that will instantly make your home more homely. Create warmth by playing with different accessories, light, cushions and other personal belongings. Please note that you are dealing with a rental property and will most likely use the owner’s interior. If you want to color the wall or create a new cover for the sofa, make sure you have permission to do so first. Most homeowners will agree to modifications as long as you deliver the property in the same condition when you leave. Keep this in mind before you throw a dark color on the walls. It is often difficult to make a dark wall white again, which is what most homeowners want. Also check if it is allowed to drill into the walls to hang paintings or planks, for example. It can make a big difference to the decoration of your house, but the last thing you want is problems with your landlord. Good communication prevents problems and you will have both a happy tenant and a satisfied landlord.

I want more!
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