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Five tips for green fingers

With the umpteenth dying plant, you may have thought that you just don’t have green fingers and that keeping plants alive just isn’t for you. But nothing could be further from the truth. You can grow green fingers. By following these tips, you will give all your plants a second life. In the sequel of this blog series, we will discuss various tips for keeping your plants alive. The greener; the cozier it is at home!

The most important question you should ask yourself is where your houseplant comes from. The correct care of your plant depends on its origin. What kind of soil does it grow on? What is the climate there? Is it in full sun or in the shade of other trees? Think about the humidity, for example. All these questions – and especially the answers to them – will help you find out what the plant needs.

How often do my plants need water?

It is often the plants’ turn during the weekly cleaning. However, if you water all your plants once a week, there is a good chance that half of them will not survive. For some plants this is far too much, while for others it is really too little. On hot days, for example, a banana plant needs a lot of water every day. A large cactus, on the other hand, prefers to get some water once a month. In the winter months, the cactus prefers even less water and prefers to have some water once every two months.

If you immerse yourself a bit in your plants you know how often you have to water your plants. It is best to check the soil of the plant regularly to know whether or not it needs water.

How much water do my plants need?

The amount of water you give your plants also makes a difference. If you are not entirely sure, it is best to start with small splashes of water. Check every day if the soil is not too dry. In this way you will know exactly how much water your plants will flourish with over time. Raising plants also involves a lot of practice. Try to take it easy and prevent the plants from drowning.

What kind of plants should I take?

Now that you have done a little research into the background of what plants need, you can look at what you have to offer your plants. Think mainly of sunlight and space in your home. The moisture content in your home also has an influence on the health of the plants. Are you really unable to make a choice or are you just not quite able to figure it out? Then try out a few types of plants and you will soon see which plants really feel at home with you. Are there any plants in your home that are not quite right for you? See if you can give them a second life by placing them with family or friends.


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