The best patios and terraces of Amsterdam

Publication: 31-05-2018

This heatwave has been going on for quite a few days now and some of us just can’t get enough. I personally spend most of my time sitting in front of my fan, wishing it was still winter. However, I do know I’m probably an exception when it comes to this. Most people are enjoying the heat of sunrays coming down on their bare skin and want to spend all of their free time outside. For those of you that like to eat outside, or just sit outside to grab a few drinks after work, here’s a list of places I highly recommend for you to check out.

City Center
Famous town squares like Rembrandt- and Leidse square offer tons of places to sit outside and enjoy a bit to eat, but they’re quite common and don’t offer anything new or special. Warehouse De Bijenkorf, located on Dam Square (you can’t miss it honestly) has a beautiful roof terrace where you can enjoy a good selection of drinks and snacks.

If you’re feeling a bit more like being out in a creative environment whilst enjoying more unique and homemade dishes, Hanneke’s Boom is where you need to be. Within walking distance from Central Station, you will find this ‘hidden’ treasure by the water, with cute lights all around of plenty of places inside and out to relax.

Amsterdam Noord
I’ve mentioned Pllek before, right here. It pretty much sums up what it has to offer: the perfect hideout with a gorgeous view over the water onto the city.

Another location in Amsterdam Noord where you can enjoy food an drinks in a creative atmosphere with an occasional party here and there is De Ceuvel. This location isn’t only used as a place to have some dainty bits, but is also used as a working space for tons of artists which you will definitely notice once you’re there.

Amsterdam Oost

The most famous spot with tons of patios and terraces would be the center of this area: Beukenplein. Tons of restaurants are situation around this square and one patio is even bigger than the other. If you’re looking for something more unique, I’d advice you to pay a visit to Roest. This creative city beach is open till the early morning for you to enjoy whatever you’re in the mood for.

On the 8th floor of student hotel Casa 400 you will find Hopp. Hopp is a fairly new roof terrace slash city garden with views overlooking the beautiful city of Amsterdam. This selfservice place offers a cozy environment in which you can order special beers, great nacho’s and equally as good meals starting from breakfast to dinner.

Amsterdam Zuid
Is pink your favorite color and do you enjoy chicken and/or lobster as much as I do? Mama Kelly is a gorgeous restaurant all in pink with a simple yet divine menu. Besides the indoor restaurant, there’s a big patio by the water where you can order the same food whilst enjoying the sunshine.

Also located in Amsterdam Zuid, is city beach Strand Zuid. This location will give you true summer vibes with cozy lounge seats, tanning beds and yummy food and drinks!

Amsterdam West
Het Rijk van de Keizer is a fine piece of real estate where you can get you some food from around their own land. Farmers and growers close to this location provide Het Rijk van de Keizer with fresh and organic ingredients which you can enjoy in the cutest atmosphere in what looks like a fairytale forest. If you were to ever host an event or plan a wedding, this is also the place to be.

Rooftop parties galore on Floor 17 in Amsterdam West. Not only does this location serve as a restaurant and bar, it also serves as a true rooftop cinema. Both classics and new releases are shown and although The Dutch weather is very unpredictable, I do think it’s an awesome idea and a great location with outlooks over the entire city.

I hope some of these tips will help you find your perfect spot to enjoy a cold crew and a bite or two out in the sun. If you have any recommendations that aren’t in this list yet: I’ll gladly try out any new spot. Just let me know on Instagram or Facebook!

Thanks for reading and enjoy the weather all,