How to make a furnished apartment feel like home?

Publication: 13-09-2017

As an expat you probably live in a furnished rental apartment. This is all very convenient because you don’t need to ship over furniture or buy new furniture. The downside is that a furnished apartment will feel less like home. Don’t worry, there are a few easy steps to make your furnished apartment feel like your own home in no time.

1. Personalize
This is probably the most important thing to do if you want to make your house a home. Take some personal things from home, think about framed pictures, little home accessories like candle holders or travel souvenirs. Place these items everywhere in your new furnished house so it will remind you of home.

2. Textile
New bedsheets, towels or sofa pillows can make a real difference in a house. If you can personalize this part you immediately feel more at home. Experiment with colors or patterns in your own personal style.

3. Plants
You can easily bring some life into your new home with your favorite plants and flowers. Decorate the living room and even the bedroom with some greens. Your favorite fresh flowers every week will also enhance the feeling of a home.

4. Lightning
If the lighting in your house doesn’t feel good, it can really make you feel less comfortable. Buy some new lightning if you need to or make the living room more cozy with (sentenced) candles.

Do you have any tips on how to make a house feel like a home?