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4 ways to make living abroad easier

Your dream finally came true; you found a new job and have to move to a great country for it. But beware, things will not always run smooth while living abroad. You will have ups and down, not only the first months but also on a longer term. These six tips will make it easier for you in your new country.

Find out what locals do

Spend your weekends trying all kinds of new local places, like restaurants, museums and stores. Try to blend in and explore your new town, so you can join in the conversations with locals.

Don’t compare

Do not compare everything in your new country with your home country. Do you notice a different work ethic? Off course, you just moved to another culture. Are you paying a lot more for a cucumber than back home? So be it… Focus on the things in your new country that are better than in your own country.

Don’t feel guilty for leaving

You chose to make your own life or that of your family better by moving abroad and taking on new adventures. So don’t feel bad if you miss out on birthdays and special occasions from friends and family back home. You might not even make it home for Christmas every year.

Learn your new language

You don’t have to speak it fluently all at once but try to have conversations in your new language. The locals will appreciate you for trying and it will make you blend in sooner.

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